About Me                                       

Hello, my name is Elle Robinson. 

My love affair with the Toy Poodle began when I was about 10 years old. I was besotted by 2 white Toy Poodles named Mitzi and Marcelle. 
These two adorable toy poodles belonged to a friend of my mother, Lorainne.
When it was time for me  to get a dog I knew exactly what I wanted, a white Toy Poodle that I was going to name Marilyn. 
I found my Miss Marilyn early 2002 (Delambrae Mazzy Star). I didn't know much about the quality of the dog, all I knew was that I wanted to naughty one, and that she very well was.

After having seen the movie Best In Show, I thought YES, that's what I'd like to do for a hobby, however I found it quite difficult to find a groomer who was capable of doing a show trim. So I rang the Poodle Club of Victoria, who then put me onto Nicole Tetof (Starus Standard Poodles). Nicole was originally teaching me to do show trims but I didn't have the courage to do it myself so Nicole groomed her for me. I started showing Marilyn shortly thereafter, with limited success. Thank you Nicole for all your help.

I couldn't have Marilyn without having Elvis and in January 2004 I got my lovely boy  Collendina Black Elvis (PRCD A) from Mrs Janice Mayes (thankyou). Elvis is the love of my life and fills my heart with joy. He's a very handsome dog with a beautiful nature. His show career was cut short when my husband and I broke up. He thought I loved the dogs more than I loved him, he was right.

In January 2006 Marilyn gave birth to a litter, the Sire being Elvis. There were two girls and a boy. I kept a girl out of that litter, Poodiful Galaxy Queen (Barbarella). She's a well constructed little girl  with great movement, which unfortunately I cannot show due to the fact that I can't grow a topknot.

November 20 2007 saw Marilyn giving birth to her last litter, the sire being  Haggai Quick Silver. Marilyn had 2 white girls and a silver boy. I have kept a white girl from this litter and named her Gracie ( Poodiful Grace Kelly ).

My newest addition to the home of Poodiful is the very beautiful Wytrapsardee Prima Donna. Thank you Renee Scott for allowing me to have such an outstanding little girl. Maddie is sired By Jap Ch Gr Ch Smash Three Belle Jackpot (Australian All Breeds Show Dog of 2008).  Maddie was campaigned in Tasmania by Peter Haas and has followed in her dad's pawprints and was the No 1 Toy Poodle in Australia 2012. Many thanks go out to Peter for having gotten the best out of her. They made a great team.

10/10/2012 also saw Maddie giving birth to a litter of  2 boys and 1 girl, the father being UK CH. AUST CH.BIS/BISS Montflair's Toy Soldier. I kept a girl from this litter and named her Poodiful Stairway To Heaven (Jezabel). 

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